Průmyslová robotická pracoviště

Vibratory feeders

With the increasing automation grade of assembly lines, robotic cells and single purpose machines, it is necessary to automate the feeding of components.

Therefore, since 2011, we offer our customers a complete solution and delivery of automatic vibratory feeding technologies.

We offer:

Our vibratory feeders are used by customers from different industries:

  • complete delivery of vibratory feeding technologies (bowl feeders, linear feeders)
  • sound insulation for feeding technologies
  • vibratory and conveyor belt-based bunkers and hoppers
  • pick up places for vibratory bowl feeders
  • electrotechnical
  • automotive
  • light

Current delivery terms for our bowl feeders are starting from 7 weeks after receipt of a purchase order and parts.

In case the application requires high flexibility, we offer also high-tech and flexible feeding technologies based on a camera searching for components and following robotic pick and place. Parts can be fed either by conveyor belt or by flexible vibratory plate. With such technology, you can feed components in the size range of about 0.1 mm up to 150mm.


Since 2011, we have maintained in operation dozens of vibratory feeders, hoppers and other feeding technologies. They have all processed and fed hundreds of millions of part of many different shapes and geometries.

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